Dinner with Chobani

Last Monday I was invited to have dinner with Chobani at a local Philly restaurant called Supper. A group of us including @CarleneRD, @pediRD, @allie_RD, @dishbytrish, and @karalydon were all there.

It was amazing because the Chef used all Chobani products to prepare the meal. We started with a lovely salad that included yogurt as a substitute for cheese on a typical salad. I would have never thought about putting yogurt on my salad but it was a very pleasant surprise! The spread meant for our bread was a wonderful mix of yogurt, oil, and herbs. Then we had a choice of 3 entrees. I chose the Veggie Mousakka which was an amazing blend of egg plant, pumpkin, and potatoes with a yogurt bechamel. I even snagged a bite of Carlene’s salmon and it was fabulous. Then dessert was frozen yogurt & peaches. YUM! Sorry the pictures are so dark but I had to manage with candlelight! =)






























Thanks to Chobani for a lovely evening!

PS- I do not get paid by Chobani. I just love their products!  


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