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Get clarity about your next steps as you re-enter the workforce as a mom

Shift your self-limiting mindset, habits, and self-doubts of not giving your child your all. Turn your passion into your dream life even if you forgotten who you are and secure your perfect work-life right away.

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What it is exactly that holds you back from being more at ease, happy, patient and fulfilled at home as well as at work. You’ll learn the most effective and fastest mindset shifting tools to immediately change your life.
Why you aren't a better mom, more present & loving if you stay at home. You’ll walk away with transformative parenting tools, that enables you to feel closer with your child than ever before & also having more freedom.
How to avoid the nasty self-doubts that have you spinning your wheels in taking the right next step into the workforce. You will discover how to get in contact with your higher wisdom and taking the driver seat towards your highest dreams.
The common misconception that causes many moms to exhaust themselves, that doing more will create your work-life balance. You'll learn what's really getting in the way of you using your time most effectively and less exhausting.

DO YOU ... 

  • Desire to find out what you are really meant to be doing, what you are passionate about, now that you are a mom?
  • Define family and work as the most important things in your life, but have experienced neither getting your best self?
  • No longer want to feel guilty or anxious for taking time for yourself or seeking personal success?
  • Feel caught between family and work and want to learn how to balance your home and work life?
  • Wish to get out of your hamster wheel so you can enjoy your work and still have energy left for your loved ones?

My promise to you:

You are more than you currently live!

Hi, I am Pia,

Before I became a mom I was a passionate entrepreneur and founder of a temporary home for neglected babies and toddlers in Berlin. My life was my work! I had no clue what a healthy work-life balance was.

Soon after my daughter was born, I felt the urge to do more than being “just” a loving, mindful mom. Although I loved to care for my girl, seeing her thriving into her unique being, I felt isolated at home, missing the challenges as a creative entrepreneur.

My problem was that my goals had changed. It was no longer just about success at work…it was also about being vulnerable and compassionate as a mom.

I knew I had to follow my desire, to follow up with my creative ideas to bring into the world what I was passionate about. I knew that I would not be more present, patient and loving for my girl if I stayed at home, suppressing my desire.

You won't be more loving either if you are suppressing your needs & desire.