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Free 45-minute webinar for parents who are facing conflicts with their child 0-14 and want effective tools to peacefully resolve them

Discover the two wings that make you fly into stress-free parenting

Travel with me on an eye-opening, transformative journey and understand:

  • Why YOUR inner mindset is key!
  • What will help you to feel grounded and centered even when your child screams at you and refuses to cooperate
  • What your child truly needs and what’s the root cause of their unwanted behavior
Free 45-minute Webinar,

Wednesday, February 29th, 2024, 9:30am-10:15am PT/12:30–1:15pm ET.

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How to build life-long trust between you and your child

How to avoid yelling at your child and keep your cool

Why self-compassion is the most important parenting tool

DO YOU ... 

  • Desire relief from stress, overwhelm, or parenting guilt?
  • Want to reestablish connection with your child when they are distant and uncooperative?
  • Desire to resolve conflicts smoothly, without painful escalations?
  • Wish to have more moments of ease without feeling anxious how to successfully cooperate with your loved ones?
  • Set limits without your child resenting you for days afterward?

Learn the parenting tools that work wonder

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Your Host

I've often felt like an inadequate parent, giving my all yet still feeling like a failure, while also striving to fulfill everyone else's need for love.

I’ve made it my mission to help parents around the globe to understand that there is another way to approach parenthood.. a way that doesn’t ignore your own needs, but instead puts them FIRST. This may sound counterintuitive at first, but your child will actually thrive even more, feel more grounded and stable, when you start recognizing and addressing your own self-limiting beliefs and needs first.

You can't be compassionate with others if your needs & desires aren't met.

Pia Dögl

After studying human development and psychology, and earning a master’s degree in special education from Cologne University, I became a certified parenting coach and hypnotherapist in the US and have also trained in healing trauma. Over the years, I've helped hundreds of parents and professionals achieve peaceful relationships by healing emotional stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, depression, attachment issues, inner wounds and childhood trauma.