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What our members are saying…

“I felt so vulnerable and often helpless as a mom. My husband and I also had a tough time at the beginning of our parenting journey. You helped me trust my intuition and feel less hopeless and stressed. I found a new, healthier orientation and more inner balance. I cant thank you enough.”

Teresa, mom of a baby girl

“Pia, listening to your voice makes me feel so calm. And it’s incredibly helpful to know that I am not the only mom struggling with being patient. Thank you so much for all your mindful support and for sharing your own struggles and profound experiences!”

Nancy, mom of two

“I now have a better understanding of what my three kids are going through. It makes so much sense that I have to calm myself before I can recognize what they need. We have less struggles and arguments at home, which is amazing!”

Stephanie, mom of three

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