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Self-Care Circle

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3-month online program to renew and re-energize: 

Self-Care Circle

A 3- month self-care program for moms with children of all ages with Pia Dögl, Parent Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author & Founder of Beginning Well®

  • A transformative self-development experience
  • Learn within a small group of max 10 like-minded moms to be more gentle and kind with yourself
  • Find out about your own needs, trigger points, vulnerability, source, and more
  • Gain simple and effective tools to create more inner balance, patience, a sense of ease, and new orientation
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Your deepest needs
and limiting inner critic


Your own intuition
and potential


New clarity and
inner freedom

What you need to know:

Who is the Self-Care Circle for?2022-04-26T08:27:32-07:00

The Self Care Circle is for moms with kids of all ages who are: 

  • Longing to find more space, time, and self-awareness. 
  • Ready to transform limiting thoughts, habits. and beliefs.
  • Open to bringing their full potential into life.
  • Searching for empowering support, guidance, and a new orientation.
What you can expect to learn:2022-04-26T08:28:53-07:00

With each meeting you will: 

  • Feel less overwhelmed, more connected with yourself, and more at ease
  • Feel confident, calm & patient as a parent, filled with trust in your mother’s intuition 
  • Understand how to practice self-care and enjoy me-time without guilt

Besides better understanding your own needs, we will also talk about ways to empathetically parent your child at every age. Compassion, empathy and mindfulness are our roots for best supporting your well-being and that of your child.

Will there be an agenda or specific topics?2022-04-26T08:31:39-07:00

We always start with a nourishing self-care practice to refill YOUR energy and to reconnect with your calm self.

We then work on a specific topic/question that varies depending on the needs of the group. Here some of the topics/explorations from previous groups: 

  • What are my underlying, unfulfilled needs? 
  • How do I get back to myself when I lose my temper?
  • How can I be more compassionate with myself, do less and be more?
  • How to establish a peaceful cooperation between my head and my heart?
  • Where within my body does my self-esteem live?

Between our sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice what you learned and  to integrate new self-care tools that make your parenting life easier and more enjoyable every day.

My approach:2022-08-21T19:58:52-07:00

Freedom to experience your true self
Our work will include easy self-awareness practices, guided imagery, exploratory drawing, and inner communication with internal parts of yourselves, to allow your body, mind, and soul to speak.

We will work in small groups & also use individual journaling. You will be guided to reconnect with your authentic self, to let go of negative thoughts and habits that hinder you from experiencing life the way you want to. 

You will leave each session with actions you can apply immediately in your relationship with yourself and, of course, in interactions with your loved ones.

In a protected, inspiring & uplifting atmosphere, you will experience the wonderful power of connecting with like-minded moms. I keep hearing mothers saying: “What a relief to experience that I’m not the only one who feels this way or who has this issue!”

How many moms will attend?2022-04-26T08:34:37-07:00

The Mom’s Self-Care Circle is a small group, limited to 10 moms. The Self-Care Circle only opens for registration once a year. Spots are limited and highly sought after.

How much does it cost & how long does it last?2022-04-26T12:17:28-07:00

It costs $120/month for a period of 3 months.

I love that we can host these empowering meetings, because they are more affordable than my 1:1 parent coachings or hypnotherapy sessions. They give you a feeling of how I work, in case you would like to book a private session so we can go deeper into personal issues. I offer private sessions on a limited basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where & when are the meetings?2022-04-26T12:19:35-07:00

We meet via zoom, 2 times per month: every first and third Monday/month for 75 min. from 11am – 12:15pm PT, which is 2pm-3:15pm ET and 8pm – 9:15pm Berlin time.

What if I miss a session?2022-04-26T08:42:56-07:00

We record each session so you can watch it again and catch up if you miss a session.

How is privacy & confidentiality handled in the sessions and replays?2022-04-26T08:46:08-07:00

Privacy is maintained relationally and technically. Here’s what that means. Relationally, everyone in the group makes a commitment to maintain confidentiality. Everyone wants to feel safe, secure, and free to share what is going on for them. It is expected that this will happen relatively quickly for most people as we all get to know and trust each other. 

Technically, you do not have to turn your camera on. You can use either your first name or a nickname. You will only be referred to by your first name or nickname. Replays of the sessions will be posted on a video platform that will only be accessible to the members of the group via a private link and password. The replay cannot be downloaded or found by searching.

How do I join?2022-04-26T08:47:54-07:00

The Self-Care Circle is open for registration once a year. Spots are limited and highly sought after.

While the Self-Care Circle is currently closed to public enrollment, make sure to get on the waiting list by submitting your name and email to the “How to join form” below.

How do I get access to the zoom meetings?2022-04-26T08:57:49-07:00

You will receive an email which includes the Zoom link before each meeting.

Where do I get access to the recorded calls?2022-04-26T08:59:22-07:00

After each meeting you will receive an email which includes the link to the latest recording.

What if my credit card doesn’t work?2022-04-26T09:00:08-07:00

If your Credit Card does not work, please contact your Credit Card provider and check:

  • If you live outside of the US – do you have to approve the transaction because you are making a payment in a foreign country?
  • Has the credit card expired?
  • Is there enough credit on the card?

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions: info@beginningwell.com

Imagine if one month from now you could feel…

  • Less overwhelmed, less parenting stress, & less alone
  • Confident about your own needs and how to prioritize things on your daily to-do list
  • Strongly supported by the power of like-minded moms
  • Confident in creating simple self-care routines that fit into your busy life

How to join:

The Self-Care Circle is open for registration once a year. Spots are limited and highly sought after.

While the Self-Care Circle is currently closed to public enrollment, make sure to get on the waiting list by clicking the link below.

I am really looking forward to seeing you there!

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