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For many years I thought parenting was only about giving my best to my daughter. I wasn’t aware of my own needs or limitations. I realized that when I was not feeling well or when my parenting stress was high, I simply couldn’t give my best to my child no matter how hard I tried.

In my new book PARENTING STARTS WITH YOU, you will discover:

  • How your well-being is fundamental for you to be able to be mindfully present for your little one
  • What your child needs to peacefully interact with you and to play and thrive independently
  • How your self-care routine creates the best example for teaching your child how to take care of themselves
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"Only if we care for ourselves and our children equally, will
we be able to bring peace into our daily family life."

PARENTING STARTS WITH YOU will be published summer 2023!

Enjoy the latest perspectives on topics such as:

  • Mindful care for your child from birth to age three inspired by the science of early brain development, Waldorf Education and the Pikler Approach
  • Why babies and toddlers do not need to be entertained
  • How to set limits without punishment
  • Why the "terrible twos" don't have to be terrible
  • How to prevent power struggles, & create a trustful relationship from the very beginning and more

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“I love Pia’s new book! In part, it’s a book about child development in the first three years, but what makes it unique, nourishing, and exciting is that she explains why parents have to take good care of themselves in order to give their young children the best possible care. She also offers practical ways for parents to be more self-compassionate so we can be more present for our little ones. Her book is a treasure for all parents, grandparents, and professional caregivers!”

-Susan Bruck, Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher, USA

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