Celebrate The Magic of Summertime!

Making a Flower Chain & Dancing Bubbles.

When did you last adorn your child’s head with a flower chain and blow soap bubbles into the sky? 

This week, I am delighted to share two magical seasonal crafts that remind us of the beauty that each moment together can bring and of the generous gifts nature offers us:

  • How to make a flower chain for your child’s head, wrist, or neck Watch here.
  • Let soap bubbles fly into the sky – Find out how to make your own here.

In case you missed last week’s content:

  • Why do we parents feel uncomfortable when conflicts come up & what do we need in our parenting tool chest to transform these stressful, breathless moments into calm and joyful togetherness? Learn how to create a family culture that fosters deep & trustful relationships here.
  • Get guidance on how to deal with Sibling Rivalry: go from constant fights to life-long loving relationships. And, of course, to support this transformation, we can always find out more about our own feelings & needs as parents too! Take a look here.

Looking ahead

August will be full of transformative insights about why the terrible twos don’t have to be terrible & how we parents can stay more calm & connected with ourselves and our little ones even during stressful times.

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