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10: Interview with Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Are there practical ways to transform daily stress with my kids into a peaceful home life?

Today I’m most delighted to interview Rahima Baldwin Dancy, a renowned parenting expert, author, and educator. Rahima’s extensive experience includes working as a midwife and pioneering in-home childcare programs for preschoolers and is one of the founders of Lifeways North America. With four children of her own and five grandchildren, she brings a wealth of personal experience to her work.

Join me as Rahima shares with us how her unique approach to raising children might help you find more balance in your household.

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  • How did Rahima get her first professional task from the spiritual world? [02:26]
  • While receiving the information from the spiritual world came easily, the personal development she needed was not. [06:04]
  • Who was Rudolph Steiner and how did his teachings influence the early childhood program that Rahima successfully established? [08:33]
  • Rahima talks about setting up a daily rhythm to your household, one that allows each child to be included in the flow of daily activities (rather than keeping them a way from the tasks of daily life) [12:57]
  • How can moms nourish themselves and replace the energy that is given to their children? [18:06]
  • How can parents set boundaries that prevent discipline problems? [26:09]
  • Rahima’s number one advice for working moms who want to live it all. [31:25]

Rahima’s Guideline for Moms Who Want to Live It All

  • See what brings you back to yourself: Whether it’s just taking a breath, getting new knowledge, getting connection or getting help.
  • Don’t do this alone! Children need more than the nuclear family or the sub nuclear family. They need a whole network.
  • Value Yourself! If you value not being overtaxed or overwrought you will find the help that you need.
  • Refill your cup with these things: Get out into nature, have an artistic activity, get more sleep, have some time connecting with friends, or have a spiritual practice.

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