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13: How do I Overcome Self-Doubt As A Mom?

Before becoming a parent, honestly, how often did we look at and judge other parents and swear that we would be better?

Today, I’m taking you behind the curtain and sharing a personal story with you to show you how my feelings of guilt and shame were sabotaging me from being a mindful mom. I share three transformative steps that helped me to go from self-limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” to feeling confident, calm and at peace with each interaction with my daughter.

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What can we moms do to not only prevent ourselves from having moments of losing our cool but instead find our way out of this painful feeling of shame that not only hurts our loved ones but ours as well?

  • First, we need to acknowledge our behavior and change our mindset so it’s working for us instead of against us. This step is critical because without becoming self-aware we can not initiate change or control our behavior.
  • Next (and this is the most important) give yourself some grace and remember that you can only give what you have and that no one is perfect. We are all learning as parents and if we expect perfection we are only seeing ourselves up for failure.
  • Finally, have the courage to be different. Find YOUR own WAY, rather than trying to please everyone else.

Advice for Moms Who Want to Overcome Self-Doubt

The better we understand ourselves, our wounds, trigger points, judgmental reactions and protection strategies, the better we can bolster our well being and parent mindfully. Parenting is about finding inner ease, confidence and trustful togetherness. It’s about thriving into our full potential. As parents, as well as supporting our children to do the same. You are here to enjoy parenting, not to suffer.

Are you hiding in what’s comfortable …

Or are you willing to step into the identity of who you are as the creator of a fulfilled family and work life?

Want to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-empowerment?

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