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12: How Can I Transform My Mom Guilt?

A Coaching Session with Mandi Brown

In today’s episode, we welcome a wonderful brave, and honest mom as a special guest, Mandi Brown, who is joining us for a free parent coaching interview.

As moms we too often suffer from the heavy weight of mom guilt: Are we doing everything right? Do our children get what they need and not take any harm from our behavior or the decisions we make? How much am I allowed to prioritize my own needs? Is there a work deadline I’m missing? Our negative self-talk keeps running all day long.

It’s our mom guilt that takes our energy NOT our children! Our self-limiting beliefs take away the daily joy that our children bring into our lives and we constantly try to do better instead of feeling enough!

Mandi honestly shares with us that it only compounds when you also have a child with special needs. During this insightful coaching session, I explored with Mandi simple yet effective tools to transform our feeling of not being good enough in just a moment into self-appreciation and inner calm.

Get ready to be uplifted and equipped with practical and easy strategies for supporting your precious motherhood journey, and the well-being of your child and your own.

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  • Mandi tells us about the mom guilt she feels balancing her career and her three children, one who has special needs. [4:11]
  • Pia challenges Mandi to identify moments in her life where she is able to give herself completely into that time without the burden of motherhood or work. [5:56]
  • Mandi creates 3 fundamental, self-nourishing statements, emotional anchors that help her reconnect with her inner calm even when she is about to lose her cool. [9:09]
  • Mandi becomes aware about the differences between feeling physically stressed and how to easily and effortlessly release the tension in her body to feel centered again. [15:41]
  • We talk about how we can change our mindset around mom guilt and how we can honor and appreciate even negative feelings of guilt as an intelligent solution to emotionally protect us. [20:12]

Simple Parenting Strategies to Transform Mom Guilt

  • Identify an activity in your life that you get lost in and that you can truly relax your mind in. One where you lose the sense of time and space around you. If you don’t have an activity you can identify it is worth finding one – especially one that makes you leave your home and holds you accountable to the activity – like a class.

  • While you are in that state of mind, when you don’t have any stress, can you come up with a phrase, key words or an image that would remind you of how you feel when you are not in that activity?

  • Practice bringing up this state of mind when you feel stress and be more self-compassionate in a way that allows you to honor, so called negative feelings, this helps our whole nervous system to calm down.

  • Can you identify a place in your body that you feel the stress? If you can lay your hands on that spot and bring that image to mind or repeat your words of affirmation and observe how your mindset begins to shift.

Are you hiding in what’s comfortable …

Or are you willing to step into the identity of who you are as the creator of a fulfilled family and work life?

Would you like to get free parent coaching to immediately prevent parenting stress, struggles, doubts and fears?

I invite you to join me on my podcast to talk about YOUR currently biggest struggles as a mom and get simple strategies to make you feel more confident in order to be the patient and balanced parent you want to be. If you have want to find relief from self-limiting beliefs, transform feelings of anxiety, guilt, or shame, want to learn simple and effective ways to remove daily power struggles with your child? I’m here for you. Just send me an email at and share your issue. We will do our best to invite you to one of our upcoming shows. Always remember you are here to enjoy parenting NOT to suffer!

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