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11: Coaching Session with Sarah Scott

How Can I Support My Daughter’s Self-Esteem Journey?

In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Sarah Scott, joining us for a parent coaching interview.

As moms, we are constantly looking for ways to support our children and guide them through the ups and downs of life. Sarah shares her experiences and seeks advice on how to best support her oldest daughter, who is entering fifth grade and facing social and self-esteem challenges. Together, we explore the importance of self-growth, understanding emotions, and creating a deep connection with our children. Join us as we discuss how to navigate the modern world and empower our daughters to face bullies, overcome rule-bound mindsets, and develop self-awareness.

Get ready to be inspired and equipped with practical strategies for supporting your own children.

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  • Sarah shares the biggest struggles she is currently facing with her 10 & 8 year old daughters [02:04]
  • Sarah shares a specific incident with her oldest daughter that she emotionally and socially struggled with her peers to navigate [08:41]
  • I share some guidance to always first connect with ourselves as a mom, get more aware of our own wounds, negative feelings, fears and doubts to better distinguish our own issue from those of our child/children. [11:13]
  • I walk Sarah through a simple yet effective role-playing experiment to help her successfully step into her daughters shoes and see, sense and feel the situation from her daughters point of view. [15:57]
  • Sarah asks how she can recall these techniques in the moment with her daughters. [22:27]

Simple Parenting Strategies to Reduce Stress with Your Child

  • The first step for us parents is that we become more aware of what’s going in in ourselves: what we are feeling, what we are thinking, what are our values and what we are expecting from ourselves and our children. That way we can role model the importance of inner clarity, self-awareness in order to have best control over our mindset. We can role model how to talk about our emotions and how to successfully deal with our own vulnerability rather than trying to be perfect.
  • Invite your child into open hearted communication that gives both of you the chance to
    • truly listen to each other
    • to develop a deep and lasting relationship/bond for the future
    • to see and appreciate the others beautiful being and development.
    • To see the other as they truly are become compassionate for each other
  • Use a strategy that I highly recommend to increase the quality of parent – child relationship and or couple relationship: simply switch roles. It’s pretty much the same thing that actors do, they put themself into the role of someone else and all at a sudden they feel what their character is feeling, they think the way their character would and sometimes even start to look like them. If you do the same with your child, you might be able to feel what they are going through which will help you identify what they need help the most with.

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