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Do you want to know how to come down in 30 seconds when your child screams at you? Almost every mom tells me in my one-on-one parent coaching sessions that when it is time to put their child or children to bed, they are totally exhausted and usually either fall asleep at the same time as their child or before.

So that’s why I’ve created short and sweet rejuvenating practices for moms that don’t have time for long breaks, but want to get their energy back in just a few minutes. Because we all know what happens when we are feeling tired and exhausted. We get more easily impatient, tend to overreact, maybe start to yell or show other behavior that we so much regret and feel guilty afterwards.

For example, Theresa, a mom of a two and a half year old girl, she contacted me saying that her daughter is so demanding that she doesn’t have any me time or gets any break during the day that she desperately needs.

By the time she booked her first parent coaching session, she was so depleted that she couldn’t focus on any work. Had incredible difficulties to concentrate and was constantly in a depressive mood. Before teaching her any mindful parenting tools that would instantly allow her more time for herself and less power struggles, we began to improve her emotional and physical wellbeing to calm her nervous system and feel more rested. And for those that already know my beginning well approach, the proven approach to successful parenting, they know that I always start by taking care of your needs first, because when you are feeling good, your brain is functioning at a hundred percent. While when you are stressed or tired, you need to protect yourself and aren’t able to be as compassionate and gentle as you want to be. And of course, in that state of being, you are not able to react in a calm way or calm yourself down.

And that’s why I’m excited to invite you now to one of my short rejuvenating practices that will allow you to unleash your calm and peaceful self in just a few seconds, so you can see how easy it is to be open and available, to be compassionate and more calm again, even if your child screams at you or shows other challenging behavior.

Hi there, mama. Do you feel tired but have no idea how to nourish yourself? Longing for more restful moments throughout your day without the need to perform care for anyone else, but just for yourself where you are. Feeling comfortable, cozy, and warmly nourished with the same peaceful energy, like falling asleep is like your little one.

Every mom needs those refreshing moments throughout the day, but having to wait until the end of the day when you can’t stand anything. Mom. Each of my self kiss snippets will give you that quiet peace that you carry in your pocket. Listen to at any time during your day, wherever you are, while waiting in the line, the supermarket, while holding you crying darling, and trying to keep you cool or walking in nature, allow yourself that moment to calm your heartbeat down, to get the patient presence you want to be.

Let’s make you relax and feel comfy.

So kick shoes off and find your favorite position to relax. If you are walking or sitting outside, not able to take your shoes off, simply soften the soul of your feet. Let them melt into the ground with every step you take. Allow yourself to feel comfortable in whatever position you are, and enjoy a nourishing journey nourishing for your precious body, mind, and soul.

Parenting, a little one goes far beyond sleepless nights. It often goes along with feeling overwhelmed with all the demands of our mommy lives.

And before we start to dive into this simple yet deep, transformative practice, please rate your energy level on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the highest. We will take a look at your rating at the end again, and you will see how effective this practice was for you, and if you were able to let go of some of the tension most of us are holding in our body, mind, or soul. You can listen to this practice at any time during your busy day.

You can sit, stand, or lie down while listening. In any case, make sure that you are able to close your eyes or simply keep your gaze soft. So please don’t go on this meditative journey while driving. And please also make sure that you don’t have to watch your little one or do other things at the same time. I know we moms are so good at multitasking. But multitasking doesn’t serve our calm selves.

Now, simply and easily bring your awareness to your head, simply sense, feel, and observe how your head feels right now. Heavy or light, tired or awake, foy or clear. Whatever you sense is just fine.

There is no right or wrong. Simply observe, sense and fear without any judgment that’s challenging enough. Right now, begin to easily and gently bring your awareness to your facial area. Allow yourself to soften your forehead, your eyes, your eyebrows, your cheeks, your jaw. Your lips, relax your tongue. Let each nerve and cell of your facial area get loose and soft like butter on a warm stove.

You feel more and more comfortable, more and more relaxed. And whenever there are any words I’m saying that you want to change in a word that is more appropriate to you, do so. You keep the wisdom that is needed for your wellbeing and to get back to your calm self. Now imagine sense and feel a chord attached to the base of your spine and from the base of your spine, traveling all the way to the center of the earth.

Imagine a perfect cord, just the right thickness and material for you to travel. From the base of your spine all the way to the center of the earth,

Really anchor that cord now into the center of the earth. Wrapping the ends around Anything solid you find, allow the cord to expend to a size that’s comfortable for you. And now release any doubts, worries, uncertainty or negativity down that court. You can release any unfinished work, projects, tasks, or any people who might want your attentional care.

Acknowledge any thoughts that might come up into your mind and for now, release them down your grounding cord. Take another deep breath, hold the breath, and exhale through your mouth with a sigh. Ah, Relaxing even deeper.

Feeling more and more calm and tranquil. And with your next deep breath, once more comfortably filling your lungs. And as you exhale, allow that remaining doubts, worries, stress and tension to flow out your body. You can more and more easily enjoy the comfort of naturally drifting into a nourishing state of relaxation.

This is the most important process for you to be doing and the most important place for you to be. Just allow yourself to feel comfortable, feel more and more relaxed and observed what you are experiencing. You are doing very well.

Now invite you to take your awareness into your heart area, your heart that constantly cares for you and for others. Maybe put also both of your hands on your heart area. How does your heart feel today? Is it dark or light? Tight or open? Small or wide? Is it well protected? What colors do you experience in your heart area?

We are going to stay in your heart area for just a little longer, so what do you need to feel comfortable in here?

What has to change to make you feel. I want to stay here forever.

What qualities do you need to make you feel at home?

What about the temperature in your heart space? Is it warm or cold? What changes are needed to make you feel comfy?

Does your heart area have to get bigger or smaller, light or darker? Do the colors have to change?

Take a few moments to check in with yourself to make this space perfectly cozy and inviting for you.

Maybe you want to create your heart area as your oasis, as your place to go to when you are feeling tired or overwhelmed, or when your little one suddenly out of the blue starts to scream at you. Take your time. It is your sacred space, your own process, and it is about your needs and wellbeing. Now with your next inhale, please imagine that a golden, warm and nourishing energy flows from the crown of your head gently into your body.

Through your whole head, through your throat, and directly into your heart area,

Observe how with each inhale, this golden, warm and nourishing energy comes deeper into your heart, filling each cell of your heart with pure love,

With every breath you are more and more filled with this warm, golden, and nourishing energy.

After another inhale with this loving and warm energy. With your next exhale, again, release any doubts, worries, or uncertainty to your grounding cord. Release, anything that’s not serving you right now within your heart are, down to this grounding cord.

With your next inhale, allowing this nourishing energy to fill your heart even more deeply, and with each exhale, let it spread out into your whole body.

You feel wonderfully comfortable, unlimited nourished with this divine golden light. That is radiating more and more in each cell of your body, in each organ, and nerve of your body, feeling safe and secure, wonderfully nourished, cared for and loved. I invite you to take a few more conscious breaths in your own rhythm.

With each inhale, take in this loving, nourishing energy. And with each exhale, let it spread out into your entire body. How does your heart area feel now? Has anything changed since we started this experience?

Do you feel more or less relaxed in your heart, more or less open, calm and connected, or does it feel the same? Simply check in with yourself without any judgments.

And before you slowly open your eyes in a moment, ask yourself, when do you want to contact with your heart again? Tonight, tomorrow, or the day after? I really encourage you to find a time and date to stay connected to foster the relationship with your loving, nourishing self. You can listen to this podcast again as often as you like to refresh when you feel exhausted.

Because if we are checking in with our heart, we get able from one moment to the next to respond to our screaming child in a different way.

So what I was offering here today are three different ways to truly come back to yourself.

One is to release all your attention to the ground in cord.

The second to reconnect with your heart space, to reconnect with your loving pure self.

And the third one to sense and feel with each inhale, a golden, warm, and nourishing energy.

Each of those simple yet profound practices can help you to reconnect with your calm self, whatever your child is doing right in front of you.

Now, please gently open your eyes and let your loving heart radiate into your day or night for yourself and others. How has your energy level changed? How would you rate your energy now on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the highest? Remember to always, always care for yourself first, to get more open again for the needs of your child.

You are the heartbeat of your wonderful sweet family. If you don’t connect with yourself first, you are not able to calm down a screaming child right in front of you. And if you are one of the courageous moms that want to live at all that want to transform their inner stress, feelings of overwhelm, chronic fatigue, or anxiety that wish to feel more at ease or want to learn prudent tools to heal attachment issues or prevent daily power struggles with their child. Then head over to my website beginning and book your 1 on 1 parent coaching session with me. I’ve already helped hundreds of moms and families to take control of their own wellbeing and to thrive into fulfillment and joy after only a few sessions.

Transforming misbehavior of their child and healing their own childhood trauma that has been causing them so much pain and consuming their life energy for decades. My promise to you. I will guide you to feel more connected with your own unique parenting potential. You are inner a wisdom and peaceful self.

You are here to enjoy parenting, not to suffer.

Head over to my webpage beginning and book your life-changing parenting coaching session. I have limited spots available, so take action today towards your fulfilling and thriving family life.

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